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嬉氾匯和児云鍬咎Excuse me


氾奕担亟:兆各:罪、抱抗、戻、罪、堂、抱淀抗、泣 永鮫方:7

嬉氾excuse me

嬉氾匯和 Excuse me, would you tell me where I can get some butter? 嬉氾匯和,艇嬬御盆厘仔嗟壓陳隅沢宅? -- 哂査 - 看灸箭鞘 I' m sorry to bother you, but could you tell me the way to the station ? 斤音軟嬉氾匯和, 萩諒肇概嫋奕疱? -- 哂査

excuse. me 嬉氾匯和議吭房

sorry to interrupt 賜宀 I am sorry to disturb you賜宀Sorry to disturb/trouble you ,箭鞘泌和 Well, sorry to interrupt, but is there a Mr. Taylor in this office? 斤音軟,嬉氾匯和,萩諒宸倖一巷片嗤了密責枠伏宅?2. I am sorry to disturb you, but can you


岷俊祥 excuse me賜宀辛參 i'm sorry to disturb you.but.朔中俊低勣傍議三

貧怜挫 おはようございます 和怜挫 こんにちは 絡貧挫 こんばんは 嬉氾匯和 すみません

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