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1. feel like+v-ing 2. enjoy/like+v-ing 3. stop doing sth. 4. stop/prevent/keep from+v-ing 5. finish+v-ing 6. it's another way of+v-ing 7. spend…( in )+v-ing 8. hear/see sb.+v-ing 9. be good at+v-ing 10. be busy+v-ing 11. be worth doing sth. 12. go /

doing 后面接代抄词、副词、名词和名词短百语,例:I am doing my leson, he is doing his. (接代度词) We are both doing well (接副词) They are doing pole walking (名词短语知) He is doing composition (名词) 满意请及时采纳,谢道.

一.1.mind 2.suggest 3.delay 4.enjoy 5.miss 6.appreciate 7.practise 8.finish9.succeed in 10.consider 二.下列动词后面既可加动词不定式又可加动名词,但有区别:1.forget doing 忘记已经做过的事 forget to do忘记将要做的事 2.stop doing 停下正

哪些短语,动词后面加doing形式enjoy 、mind、 finish 、 excuse 、 imagine 、 keep 、 practise、 suggest、 miss 、 consider 等等

look forward to doing 期待做某事 get used to doing\ be used to doing习惯于… devote oneself to doing 献身于 be addicted to doing沉溺于;沉迷于;嗜好;使吸毒成瘾 prefer doing to doing 比起更喜欢 have an eye to doing打算

只+doing做宾语的动词有: finish, enjoy, suggest, mind, dislike, practice, miss, keep, advise, allow, forgive, imagine, prevent, understand, resist, reject, consider, avoid, delay

begin to form around each set of chromosomes, and division of the cytoplasm takes place

一.含有ing句型: 1. carry on\keep doing 坚持做某事 2. practise doing sth. 练习做某事 3. keep sb. Doing 使某人一直做某事 4. enjoy doing 喜欢做某事 5. finish doing 完成做某事 6. be afraid of doing 害怕做某事 7. (sth)be worth doing 值得做 8. be

try to do sth努力做某事 try doing sth 尝试去做某事 forget to do sth忘记要做某事(还没做) forget doing sth忘记做了某事(已经做了)r emember to do sth记得要做某事 remember doing sth记得做过某事 be worth doing sth值得做某事 be worthy of

like make stop forget remenber enjor find 等有很多,有些既可以DOING,还可以TO DO,一般DOING表示正在,TO DO 表示将要,这要看句子的意思而定

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