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marital status 婚姻状况 civil status 婚姻状况 Civil partner 民事伴侣(同性伴侣、同性同居人) Unmarried partner 同居伴侣(未婚,即婚前同居伴侣) Dissolved partnership 关系已解散、曾经的伴侣(牛魔王说的“关系破裂了”,应该就类似此种含义)

Married-civ-spouse (I am sorry)Divorced 已离婚的Never-married 单身主义的 Separated 已分居的Widowed 丧偶的Married-spouse-absent (I am sorry)Married-AF-spouse (I am sorry)


您好,领学网为您解答:婚姻状况[法]marital status; matrimonial res例句:我母亲已据此对我的婚姻状况作出了她自己精明的推断.My mother had consequently made her own shrewd deductions about what was going on in my marriage. 望采纳!

结婚恭喜语的英文:Marriage congratulations Marriage 读法 英 ['mrd] 美 ['mrd] n. 结婚;婚姻;紧密结合 例句1、It was a pleasant surprise to learn of her marriage.得知她结婚是件令人惊喜的事.2、Marriage is an institution in

婚姻状况 [hūn yīn zhuàng kuàng]基本翻译marital status

In chinese society, there are several general behaviors that should be followed when we greet each other. when we meet someone the first time, we suppose to shake had with the person. when we visit friend, we suppose to bring fruits or flowers.

没有比这更齐全的,你不给加分没有天理背完这444句,你英语口语就没问题了(太长了,尾巴就不要了) 1. I see. 我明白了. 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4.

婚姻状况 Marital status注:status 英 [ ste t s] 美 [ stet s, st t s] n. 地位; 身份; 情形,状态; [例句]People of higher status tend more to use certain drugs.

marital status

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