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马云“拥有梦想,拥有未来”的英语演讲稿具体内容: We are at the best time of the world. most people say to me “there is no opportunity, all the opportunities are gone by 阿里巴巴,by google, by facebook, by you. We have no chance. To me,

It's my great honor and the, I was invited about months ago. I did not expect,people said this is very sensitive time for me to talk,because about yahoo ,about alibaba about this ,that, so I promise promise,I come,Today any question you have,I will


The following is the Ma at Stanford University speech: Ma : Hello everyone . Today I feel very honored to be here to meet you . About a few months ago , Stanford invited me to lecture . I did not expect . Many people say that because of all about

All right , thank you , good morning !I was there listening to the wondful speakers all they tell all the things , they talked about reminds me in the past 18 years , 18 years ago in my apartment , I told the 18 fouders , that one day we will build our site , this


大家好,我是马云,阿里巴巴集团的创始人和董事会主席. Hello, i'm Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group. 15年前,在我的公寓里,18位创始人有了一个梦.这个梦想就是,在某一天我们能够创立一个为成千上万小企业主服务的




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