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The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from the 5th century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Hunnic, Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes coming from areas in

beautiful sceneryduring the summer vacation, my mother took me to the south of the yangtze river tourism.the good, the beautiful scenery, i still can not morning, i watch the sunrise on the bank of the river, that river deep blue is blue eyes.

laundry自助洗衣店drudgery 药店department store 百货商店market市场supermarket超级市场zoo 动物园museum博物馆railway station 火车站shop 商店book store书店gift shop礼品店library 图书馆airport机场bus stop公共汽车站park公园school学校

Suzhou is a beautiful place with a lot of old buildings.It also has many trees and flowers.There are lots of fruits in summer,such as peaches,red bayberries(杨梅)and so on.The people in Suzhou are all very friendly.So there are many visitors every year.Ilove Suzhou very much.

China hospital post school zoo 你没说清楚是什么地点!像国家啥的~~~

银杏叶像一把把小扇子挂在树上,一阵风吹过来,银杏叶像一只只金色的小蝴蝶翩翩起舞,落在地上堆成了金色的毯子.火红的枫叶像一只只小手,在同我们打招呼,又像燃烧的火焰一样,让我感觉到我们的国家在蓬勃的发展. 在秋天里还有

My Favourite Season There are four seasons in a year. Spring, summer, fall and winter. In spring, the weather is windy and warm. In summer, the weather is hot and sunny. In fall, the weather is windy and cool. In winter, the weather is always windy

Shenzhen is a modern city in South of China,it lies next to Hong Kong.Shenzhen is very young and beautiful,too.There are many scenic spots here,for example,there are two famous beaches,named Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha.People always go

Shanghai is China's most economically developed cities. In Shanghai's tertiary industry accounted for a certain proportion of the economy, the most important industries include financial, real estate, insurance and transport sectors, and so on.


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