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I love listening to music I like listening to music I enjoy listening to music I prefer listening to music I am fond of listening to music I am interested in listening to music

I like music.

i like music everybody has a hobby. i like music best, and i think it is the most wonderful in the world. when i was a little girl, i liked listening to my mother sing beautiful songs. i could understand what the songs were about. music has been my close

My favorite music is pop music. There are many kinds of music ,such as country music, R&B , rock music and so on. But I like movie music best. Because it is easy to learn, and this knid of music is often about our life, for example, A whole new world,

I like music,because music is pleasant to hear

I LIKE MUSIC Do you like listening music?I'm very like music. My favoritesinger is Xu Song ,his music has great lyrics(歌词).So I love his muic very mush . I like the music that I can dance to.Because the music cancheer me up.My best friend Tom

Success only goes to the ones who have big and real dreams!I love this 17-year-old girl, named Jordin Sparks!She is naturally lovely, sweet.She has perfect voice, and good personality.She is an angel, who deserves all she got and more.

The music is very nice, so I like it.你可以下载个英汉互译这样以后翻译会方便点

why i like musici am a common person, but i have no common hearti like music, music can bring me happiness, quiet and so onmusic has not the same magicit would make me feel so warm in sorrow, let me see power in disappointmentmaybe to

We like music,不懂可追问,满意请采纳

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