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A: Hello, can you speak English? B: yes, what can I do for you? A: oh, good. I want to go to HongXing primary school, can you tell me the way? B: sorry, I'm not very clear. There has a police, and I can help you to ask him. A: thank you very much. B:

人物:A.B.C.D.E.F.E( 不过人物E 是没有多少台词的.) On The Way Home回家的路上 Six high school students are walking on their way home,talking,laughing,六个高

1、你好 hello2、没问题 no problem3、就这样吧 that's all4、别担心 don't worry5、这是你的吗? is this yours6、给你 here you are7、别紧张 take it easy8、别客气 help yourself9、保持联系 keep in touch10、太离谱了 it is going too far 一、【

给你三篇,你自己选一篇吧一A: Are you crazy about sports? B: Certainly, I am a super sports fan. A: Which is your favourite sport then? B: Almost all the ball games such as

A:内Do you like to make a phone call?B:容I like to call my family and friends.A:That you will spend a lot of time on the telephone?B:I don't spend a lot of time on the telephone.A:What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of the phone

A:Hello,your dress is very beautiful.B:Isn't it? You, too.A:Thank you.Later we will go to eat?B:What do you think?A:Let's go to eat small steamed bun, it is very delicious.B:Isn't it? I must go to try to see.A:You and your parents are going to Singapore in

转载:(1).Introductios and Opening Conversations 介绍和开场白 People in the United States don't always shake hands when they are introduced to one another. However, in a formal or business situation people almost always shake hands. 1.A

A: Hi, guy! How is it going! B: Oh, well. You know I am busy all the time. A: The college entrance examination has come to an end, which recalls me much of the days brought to me. Now, billions of senior students have gained their freedom in some

1、购物 (Shopping) 1.- What can I do for you? - I'd like some apples. 2.- Where can I buy some stationery? - Let's look at the shopping guide. Oh, it's on the ground Floor. 3.- Could I buy half a kilo oranges? - Certainly. Here you are. 4.- Will

英文问路指路A:Excuse me,Where am I on this map?B:We are here,bus station,we are in the heart of the city.A:Oh !I think I'm lost.Can I go from here to the railway station?

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