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you CAn t AFForD lovE

someone i love

if you love as a game so i can',谢谢你啦.采纳我吧;t afford to play ore to lose 翻译为,那么我玩不起也输不起:如果你的爱是一场游戏您好记得给问豆啊!


“我承担不起现在你对我的爱” .望采纳

《给不了你要的爱》英文是 can not offer the love you want.

你要的爱我给不起You have to love I can't afford to

Never say love to me if you have no capital because you donot deserve.

Elder sister to the love you give not!

It is not I don't love you. It is just I can't bear your love.祝爱你的人是你爱的人

I can not afford your love

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